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Tips for Keeping your Makeup Brushes Clean

Tips for Keeping your Makeup Brushes Clean

Jan 14, 2021


If the last year has taught us anything it is the need to keep ourselves and our possessions clean and sanitised. This goes for our makeup brushes; an item most of us use and handle every day.

In this blog, we will provide you with a few tips on how to keep your makeup brushes in pristine condition, looking at a few cleaning hacks and techniques that will not only keep you safe but enhance your makeup look.

Make your own cleaning mixture

Think that you have to fork out loads of cash on brush cleaning solutions? Think again. We have found that many homemade mixtures do the trick. You can make your own solution by mixing antibacterial soap, shampoo or baby shampoo and warm water. This will create a delicate soap solution that you can dip your brushes in to remove any excess product or dirt. Once the brush is covered in the solution, rub the bristles lightly to ensure the solution has socked in. Then, drag the brush through your finger and thumb to remove the soap. Rinse and repeat.

Silicone/rubber cleansing mat

If you are an MUA or a fan of makeup hacks, you will no doubt have heard of makeup brush cleaning mats. These can be made out of either rubber or silicone and are the perfect makeup accessory. They are textured mats that gently deep clean your cosmetic brushes by removing dust and leftover makeup products.

A quick wash

While a deep clean now and then is great, it is important that you give your brushes a quick clean after each use. This will ensure that bacteria, dust and old makeup do not have a lasting impact. By using a basic antibacterial spray to sterilise your brushes after use, you will keep them in tip-top condition!

Buy sterile makeup brushes

Having worked in the makeup industry for many years, we have found that the better quality brushes tend to be easier to clean. If you are looking for stunning brushes at reasonable prices, browse through our range now.