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We are GLAMX®

GLAMX was created out of a love for all things pretty and glamorous. We believe that with the right tools anyone can create the perfect art piece. The cosmetic industry has developed dramatically over the past ten years, now offering more options to consumers than ever before. From brands such as Fenty Beauty creating a collection of foundations to match over 40 different skin tones to lip plumping technology in lipstick/lipgloss with the invasive treatment.

Similarly at GLAMX we want to cater for every single one of our customers no matter what their style, preference or skill level is. There will be at least one product in our range that will suit your needs. As our brand develops we aim to increase our product selection based on our customer requirements, and very much look forward to our GLAMX family growing with us.

Luxury but Affordable

All our products have been carefully hand-crafted using the best materials possible and diligently tested for quality and assurance. Our best feature is that all our products ooze luxury but are cost at affordable prices. We have not compromised on the quality of the product and each pack is custom to GLAMX.

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Our Vision

We want to provide impeccable luxury products but at affordable prices. Whether you are a professional makeup artist, stay at home parents or budding entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, we want to cater for each of your needs so that you can get your creative flair using the most reliable products. Here are the central focus points of our business: - Luxurious but affordable products. - Products to cater for all skill levels. - Vegan and Cruelty Free - Unique designs. - Product Sustainability.

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